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Q. When will my link expire?

Your link will expire after 14 days. It will also expire after three download attempts. If this gives you a problem simply contact us and we'll happily refresh the link.

Q. How do I print my download?

We will email you a download link - simply click on the link contained within the email, which also explains how to print the booklet and put it together.
For best results please print your booklet double-sided - if you can.
Choose: Print Landscape (or Auto). Actual Size. Print on both sides of paper: Flip on short edge (ie Landscape, not Portrait).
Once printed simply fold in two to create an A5 booklet.

If you don't have a double-sided print option on your printer, then print single-sided, with options: Print Landscape (or Auto), Actual Size.
Create a back-to-back copy as follows:
With the outer cover on top, turn over the next page down (inner cover).
Keep the next page as is (1 & 16), and turn over the next (2 & 15).
Keep the next page as is (3 & 14), and turn over the next (4 & 13).
Keep the next page as is (5 & 12), and turn over the next (6 & 11).
Keep the next page as is (7 & 10), and turn over the next (8 & 9).
Simply fold the booklet in half, with the cover on the outside, and the map in the middle.
This might sound complicated, but in reality it's dead simple!

Q. When will my pre-printed booklet arrive?

We aim to post booklets the same, or next working day, using 1st class Royal Mail.

Q. How secure is the payment process, using Stripe or PayPal?

Here is what Stripe say: "Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. To accomplish this, we make use of best-in-class security tools and practices to maintain a high level of security at Stripe".
Here is what PayPal say:
"PayPal delivers one of the most secure payment platforms in the world. After more than a decade as a leader in online payments, we’ve learned a thing or two about keeping your information safer. Whether you’re buying, selling, or transferring money, you get an extra layer of security when you use PayPal. That’s because all your financial information (like your bank account details and your credit card number) is securely stored and encrypted on our servers. So you don’t need to share your financial information with the person receiving or sending the money and expose your details online or in public."

Q. My mobile version appears unformatted, what can I do?

If you're using Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the pdf file, have you set Liquid Mode on? If so, turn it off, and this will make it appear correctly. Go here for more info on Liquid Mode, from Adobe.

Q. Are the walks suitable for children?

Yes - most children find them great entertainment. Younger children (primary school age) should always be accompanied by an adult, who is prepared to get actively involved - you can give them a particular role, eg matching pictures to clues, finding answers, or helping with directions, etc. If your children are very young, and in a pushchair, most walks still work well - the Wheelchair symbol against each walk gives a good indication of obstructions to overcome. We try very hard to make every walk pushchair friendly!

Q. Are the walks wheelchair & buggy friendly?

We try to make every walk wheelchair & buggy friendly! Each walk is graded as friendly, friendly with a possible diversion, or not wheelchair / buggy friendly. Where a diversion maybe needed the diversion is marked on the map which comes with your walk information.

Q. Are any risks involved when completing the walks?

Our walks have no special risks, but whilst concentrating on finding answers to clues, you might encounter these everyday risks:

1. Stepping off pavements without due consideration, and injured by a passing road user, eg car, lorry, bicycle, motorcycle, bus, etc.
2. Hit by another road user where no pavement exists.
3. Accidental slip, trip or fall causing personal injury. Causes include: uneven surface (eg cobbles, tree roots); slippery surface (eg leaves, ice, rain); steps (eg spiral staircase); obstacles (eg bollard, cones); steep slopes; poor lighting (eg tunnel).
4. Falling into water when walking alongside a river, canal or the sea.
5. Falling off a high pathway, eg city wall, raised pavement.
6. Vulnerable participant gets separated from other participants.
7. Extreme weather conditions, eg sunburn, heat stroke, dehydration.
8. A falling object, especially during high wind, eg roof tile, masonry.
9. Anything else which may occur on the day - stay vigilant!

Q. How can I minimise any risks?

1. Enjoy the activity, but be aware at all times of personal safety.
2. Look out for others' safety as well as your own. This is particularly important where children or other vulnerable people are involved.
3. Take regard of the weather conditions, eg wear appropriate clothing and footwear; use sun cream; carry water, etc.

Q. What does Curious About do to help with safety?

Apart from the generic risks associated with walking round any town or city centre (see above), we highlight particular risks in our booklet, in the summary of each walk.