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A recent survey of visitors to Scotland found that three key words explained why people go to Scotland: Enduring - The buildings and architecture, history, culture and tradition. Dramatic - Dramatic scenery, beautiful light and the drama of the changing weather. Human - The Scots are seen as down to earth, innovative, solid and dependable, and full of integrity and pride. The survey showed that people felt they got the genuine article when they came to Scotland and that there was nothing synthetic about it. What else do you need to know?
Scotland is made up of 3 island council areas and 29 mainland council areas - the two largest of which, by population, are Glasgow and Edinburgh. The largest by area is Highland.

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A. Edinburgh
Scotland's capital, a vibrant, cosmopolitan city with a castle perched on an extinct volcano   Read More


B. Glasgow
Scotland's largest city, with a wealth of cultural heritage, stylish, elegant and friendly  Read More


C. Aberdeen
Famous for its majestic granite buildings, with towering ships in the centre of the city  Read More