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Salisbury Cathedral


Self-guided walks for the Curious...

Explore Salisbury city centre with two self-guided heritage walks with a treasure hunt theme. Discover Salisbury's "hidden treasures" whilst having a fun day out with family and friends!
Salisbury has been described as "the city in the countryside", retaining much of its historic past with timbered buildings, flourishing market and remarkable buildings - probably best known for its cathedral, the tallest medieval structure in the world, with foundations only four feet deep! Home to the late Edward Heath, former Prime Minister, Salisbury is a peaceful place with museums, gardens, parks and a place of choice for film companies making English films such as Sense and Sensibility. Enjoy!


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Curious About... Salisbury

  • An exploration of Salisbury's city centre with two self-guided heritage walks with an optional treasure hunt. Completing the treasure hunt keeps everyone actively engaged, and urges you to look up, down and every which-way - so you won't miss out on any of the city's treasures.
    Explore, Discover, and Enjoy!
  • Most clues are chosen for their historical value, so you'll learn about the diverse culture, significant people and extraordinary events which have influenced Salisbury in becoming what it is today.
  • This is an outdoor, unsupervised activity - so you can go at a pace which suits you, whilst keeping you healthy!
  • A Curious About walk is a fun and social activity for all the family and friends. Different people can take on different roles - follow the map, identify picture clues, read directions, etc - it's ideal for children from the age of 6, and if you can walk/wheelchair it, you're young enough!
  • The two walks have been designed so that the second one follows on from where the first one ends. Do both, or have a breather and do the second one another day! They both start and finish in the heart of the city - so buses, trains and car parks are easily available to get you there and back.

1. Historic Park to Wonderful Cathedral - 1.5 miles / 2.4 kms
From an historic park to a lively Arts Centre, housed in an ancient church, this walk winds its way round the historic centre of Salisbury. You’ll see an 18th century almshouse, a busy Market Square at the heart of the city, and a 15th century shelter where poultry was sold. Follow a footpath round a medieval church, then a walk by the river before ending at an elegant Green, and the magnificence of Salisbury cathedral before you.
1.5 hoursOK

2. Cathedral to Guildhall - 1 mile / 1.6 kms
From a fabulous view of Salisbury Cathedral this walk explores more of the cathedral grounds and its elegant buildings, before taking you back to the city centre. Along the way you can learn about the Magna Carta, ancient inns and former almshouses, a famous author and an ancient mariner heralding news of victory at the Battle of Trafalgar - before ending at the imposing Guildhall, reputed to be haunted!
1 hourOK, but small diversion maybe needed

Each booklet has a page dedicated to the history of the city and 2 pages summarising each walk with suggestions on what to visit along the way. Walk 1 has 21 clues & walk 2 has 14 - both with detailed directions to follow. There are interesting stories about important people, places & events along the way; detailed instructions on how to find a clue if you're stuck; and a comprehensive map with the routes marked on.
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"Hi - we'd been to Salisbury before, and visited the shops and cathedral, but we'd never realised there was so much more. It's made us look at Salisbury in quite a new light. Great - thanks!"

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